Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-ui-3] auto cursor should behaves as default cursor except for text?

> Is the desired behavior what Firefox does?


> In Mozilla's page:, they use "E.g." instead of "specifically". 

That's a mistake.

> Also, when there is text inside textarea, one html element will have two types of cursor. It seems weird.

div/p/article… elements have two types of cursors for 1 element: text over text, default over empty areas. That is what auto is for. Everybody has been doing that forever, so I do not think that this is weird.

For textarea (and a number of similar form controls), the behavior would be the same if cursor is left to its auto value, but adding `textarea {cursor: text}` in the UA stylesheet is also an option.

The specification currently does not propose additions to the UA stylesheet, and leaves it up to browsers to do what they want. Maybe css-ui-4 should make an attempt at giving a UA stylesheet for HTML for cursors over various elements, but for now the expectation is that browsers will do it by themselves.

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