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== [css-images] Disabling image animation ==
It would be nice to have a CSS property for disabling image animation. Use cases include:

* thumbnails
* Twitter-like "only animate images in focus"
* not wanting to animate user-uploaded content
* user stylesheets/extensions

I'm imagining something like `image-animation: auto | none`, where `none` would disable image animation on <img> elements and background-images.

Semantics are slightly subtle to define, because [HTML defines image animations as keyed by URL](https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/rendering.html#images-3:absolute-url), instead of per element. I can think of two options:

* Paused images show the first frame (like how canvas's `drawImage` behaves)
* Images that are ever shown as paused are animated individually

where the second seems tricker to implement (e.g., might include cloning SVG documents?) but also more useful than the first.

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