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== [css-values] Define a crossorigin URL modifier ==
The HTML `img` element (and also preload links and other references to external files) take a [`crossorigin` attribute](https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/urls-and-fetching.html#cors-settings-attribute).  It's purpose is to _upgrade_ a request for an asset that normally doesn't need CORS permissions, so that the same asset can later be re-used in a context that _does_ need CORS permissions.

CSS does not currently have this option.  URLs in some properties (filters, clipping paths, masks that reference `<mask>` elements, and `shape-outside` images) require `crossorigin="anonymous"` mode.  But URLs in older properties (background-image, border-image) don't request CORS permissions.

This causes caching headaches if you use the same asset file in multiple properties: even if the server is set up to use the correct caching headers, the same file would be download twice (once with CORS headers, and once without).  If the server is not set up correctly, the CORS-request often fails because the cached version of the file does not have the correct headers.

Some examples of cases where you'd want the same asset file with different CORS requirements:

- A `background-image` that is also used as a `shape-outside` image for the same element
- An SVG file that is used as an image (e.g., background image, border image), but also includes `<mask>`, `<filter>`, or `<clipPath>` effects for enhancing the final presentation of the element.
- Any CSS image that will also be used in a canvas animation (e.g., a logo image that gets turned into a fancy animated loader graphic)

Currently, the only solution is to add a preload link to the markup to force the browser to fetch the assets with CORS permissions before the CSS can trigger its own fetch.

Related issues:

- Ambiguities in handling url() #383
- Consider ways to make the CORS limitation in CSS Shapes easier for authors #1481

But I couldn't find an issue or proposal specifically about allowing CORS upgrades to CSS asset fetches.

The is, in my opinion, a logical use of the `url-modifier` token that [CSS Values 3](https://drafts.csswg.org/css-values-3/#url-modifiers) introduced into the `url()` function:

> The url() function supports specifying additional <url-modifier>s, which change the meaning or the interpretation of the URL somehow. A <url-modifier> is either an <ident> or a functional notation.
> This specification does not define any <url-modifier>s, but other specs may do so.

I don't have opinions on syntax beyond that, except that the keywords should match the ones used in HTML.

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