Re: [csswg-drafts] Exposing Implementation Status

I agree that "percentage tests passed" is a very poor measure on a spec-wide basis, and isn't perfect even when divided up per-property or per-section.  The only meaningful information from test percentage is "all tests pass", "no support", or "some support but it's either incomplete or buggy".

For spec-level support, you really need curated data, whether that is from a 3rd-party (canIuse, MDN) or whether it is compiled by working group members directly.  

We're supposed to be keeping track of implementation status for the W3C process, anyway.  It could be useful to annotate the spec in response: as implementations come in that would meet the W3C criteria, mark the relevant sections as "implemented in X rendering engine", with an "except for feature Q" note where required.   The data would be based on the test suite results, but someone who is familiar with the tests would be converting that into human-readable summaries.

(And if this is done, of course it would be nice to use some sort of metadata format which can easily be exported as a data file for other websites/tools to use.)

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