Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-rhythm-1] Avoiding accidental double spacing

Thank you @frivoal for the investigations.

In Paris, I'd like to take a step back and ask opinions from more people, especially, from who haven't spoken much yet.

Here's my understanding of the history.
1. This issue originally starts from disabling a hard-coded value in UA, assuming it exists. At that point, I heard some members supported the idea, but IIUC not all spoke their opinions.
2. Then we learned that `line-height: normal` does font-dependent layout, and this issue was re-defined as "font-dependent layout and vertical rhythms should not work together".
3. @dbaron [commented in](!searchin/ that he's opposed because if vertical rhythms are applied to font-dependent layout, it can produce serious compatibility problem.

Since then, IIUC, in Tokyo and in comments above, we're trying to understand what "font-dependent layout" is in CSS, and try to find a way to disable either it or vertical rhythms when the other was enabled. @frivoal's detailed investigation above should help this discussion greatly.

Assuming my understanding so far is correct, I think we're missing a few pieces before diving into solutions.
1. The @dbaron's comment above was not shared with WG.
2. While we now understand what will happen when vertical rhythm is enabled in font-dependent layout document, we haven't discussed much about side effects if we disabled either one.
3. We heard opinions from several people at point 1 of the history, but not after 2.
4. Even at point 1, IIUC, we haven't heard opinions from other implemeters than Blink/Gecko.

In Tokyo, I was supportive to disable either one. But as I thought about its side effects and i18n impacts, I'm not sure if this is the right way to go, and I would like to hear opinions from more people.

So I'd like to ask, in Paris:
1. @dbaron, is it possible for you to explain your comments at, and up-to-date thoughts if there were any changes since then?
2. @FremyCompany (or someone at Edge team) could you mind to consider sharing your thoughts?
3. @litherum (or someone at WebKit team) could you mind to consider sharing your thoughts? I remember you were supportive in April 2016, but quite a long time has past. Also, this topic would require Line Grid to change the behavior, which WebKit ships today.

@dbaron, @FremyCompany, @litherum, could you mind to consider above? I can explain my position too (guess it's obvious but in case ;-) and with all opinions, I'd like to review our position to all vertical rhythm features.

I also hope @fantasai, @frivoal, @astearns, @dauwhe, and all other text people can share thoughts in Paris. I hope you don't mind I listed only implementers above, I just listed missing information atm from what I can understand.

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