Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-display][css-pseudo] Interaction of display:contents and ::first-line

I don't see why the scenario described in is really a problem any more so than it would be if all the `<div>`s were `display:inline`.

Past that:

1. I wish the CSS WG would stop introducing features if they have not actually through through their interactions with all the features they have introduced.  The burden should be to prove that a new feature is compatible with all existing ones before it's added, not to discover during implementation that things are incompatible with each other.

2. I haven't really thought about how all this should interact with the multiple first-lines thing that CSS specifies (and no one actually implements in practice, at least not as specified).  As noted above, Gecko doesn't implement that, has no plans to implement it, and hence I don't have any good implementation experience or intuition about how it should work with `display:contents`.

3.  As noted, option 2 violates a current "there is at most one first-line box generated by a given selector for a given block" invariant which may lead to weirdness of all sorts.  The background situation is particularly troubling.

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