Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-images] object-fit: scale-down should become a flag

I don't know many the use cases, it was just a quick idea which seemed more coherent than a standalone `scale-down` flag. However, I think wanting to scale images up is a frequent thing, usually handled via `height: auto; width: auto; min-height: 100%; min-width: 100%`. The concrete object size would be like in `height: 100%; width: 100%; object-fit: cover scale-up` in my proposal.

`none` would clamp both as a minimum and maximum, so it wouldn't matter which one of `fill`, `contain` or `cover` is used. The `none` case could also be treated separately, without `fill`, `contain` nor `cover`.

`fill` = `fill scale-any`
`contain` = `contain scale-any`
`cover` = `cover scale-any`
`none` = `fill none` = `contain none` = `cover none`
`scale-down` = `contain scale-down`

And `scale-up` could default to `cover scale-up`, and `scale-any` to `fill scale-any`.

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Received on Monday, 3 July 2017 04:55:48 UTC