Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-flexbox][css-align][css-grid] abspos flex/grid item "align-self: auto behaves as start" spec-text is too vague

@cbiesinger Yes. When we only had Flexbox, it didn't matter what it 
computed to on abspos elements, unless they also happened to be 
children of a flex container.  But when we extended 
`align-self`/`justify-self` to all absolutely-positioned elements, we 
realized that honoring `align-items`/`justify-items` on the *parent* 
would be a confusing form of action-at-a-distance in the (very common)
 case of an absolutely-positioned box's containing block being an 
ancestor that is not its parent. So we needed to break the 
parent-dependence on absposes.

Lemme know if that makes sense.

@yisibl I am not sure what's going on, given you didn't post any 
source code, but I'm pretty sure it's unrelated to this bug report...

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