Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-speech] Rename speak: none | normal to speak: never | always

@cookiecrook The issue with 'visibility' is covered in issue #511. The
 concern you state about descendants is handled by the specific ways 
in which the `auto` value computes and inherits. Also, while I 
appreciate your comments, both of these are out of scope for a 
renaming request. :) Wrt verbosity prefs and speech context-specific 
settings... I think you should open new issues for those, as I really 
can't handle them here, especially with so little information on what 
they are. Context in CSS is usually handled by media queries, fwiw.

The WG resolved to accept the renaming suggestion in 
<>. I 
think this greatly improves usability of the property, and it has been
 edited into the ED. I'll try to get an updated CR ready soon-ish; 
there was however a suggestion to split out `speak` and `speak-as` 
into their own Level 1 draft (with the rest of the spec as Level 2), 
in which case there's some extra work to be done.

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