Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-display][css-flexbox][css-grid] Interaction of 'display: contents' and 'run of text'

I see no problem with text of different formatting occupiying the same flex/grid area. Single runs of text with different formatting aren't new in CSS, they occur quite often because of the font fallbacks. Can we generalize the rules of this behavior and reuse it for our case?

Making element with `display:content` the separate flex/grid item seems much more problematic to me. I consider `display:contents` as a way to separate the visual hierarchy of boxes from the DOM hierarchy, with the ability of effectively converting the children of the element to the siblings of its siblings as one of the biggest advantage. So if the siblings of the element with `display:contents` end up in the inline formatting context, I strictly prefer to see the text content of this element in the same inline formatting context, and creating the separate flex/grid item for it — as if it was the inline-level element box — feels like it's against the purpose of `display:contents`.

So my suggestion is to treat 'run of text' as 'run of text nodes in a text box', or even just as 'run of differently formatted text fragments in a text box' — in the similar way as text rendered with different fonts of the font stack or the bidirectional text is treated.

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