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<TabAtkins> Topic: Propagation of focus
<astearns> github topic:
<TabAtkins> Florian: This was raised by elika a while ago
<TabAtkins> Florian: Topical now because MOz and Blink are both implementing :focus-within, which depends on :focus, so we shoudl make sure we get :focus right.
<TabAtkins> Florian: We have wording attmpeting to say that "whatever magic HTML says to make :active propagate (to labeled controls, etc), it should apply to :focus too".
<TabAtkins> Florian: Elika says this is either useless or contradicting HTML.
<TabAtkins> Florian: I think you were saying that the way we phrased it doesn't make it clear whether we were placing a requirement on the HTML authors to fix this, or overriding them and defining it propagates differently.
<TabAtkins> Florian: Because in HTML :focus and :active do propagate differently.
<TabAtkins> Florian: So it's unfortunate if we disagree. Do we yield, or shout at them?
<TabAtkins> Florian: I think we wrote it this way because there was a parallel discussion about whether :focus and :active should prop from a form control to its label *and* vice versa; we at least agree that they should both act the same.
<TabAtkins> Florian: And we just filed an issue on HTML to figur eout if it should be bidirectional or not.
<TabAtkins> Florian: It was bidi in IE (not Edge).
<TabAtkins> Florian: Given that :focus-within is meant to do the same as :focus, and there's no compat baggage, we should put a stick in the ground and decide.
<TabAtkins> [need more time to think about this, we're dropping the topic for now]

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