Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts] CSSFontFaceRule does not seem Web compatible

The CSS Working Group discussed this today and resolved:

RESOLVED: Remove CSS OM section from Fonts Level 3 to Fonts Level 4
RESOLVED: As above, but leave CSSFontFaceRule with a note explaining the current state


<fantasai> Topic: CSS Fonts 3
<dino> ScribeNick: dino
<dino> Chris__L: Myles made an interesting font.
<dino> Chris__L: for each char, it displays a cross or tick depending if a feature is on or off
<dino> Chris__L: it allows you switch high/low level features on and see the output
<dino> Chris__L: the link above shows the results of testing
<dino> Chris__L: staged at the moment because they are easier to see live
<tantek_> github topic: none
<dino> Chris__L: the amount of greeniness shows how many implementations we have. red is zero greeniness
<dino> Chris__L: the one that sticks out is font-variant-east-asian, only Gecko passing
<dino> Chris__L: chrome passes the low level test, but the syntax isn't hooked up
<dino> eae: we will try to fix this quarter
<dino> Chris__L: scroll to the bottom, see the object model. Nobody implements what the spec says, but they do implement stuff from DOM Level 2
<dino> SimonSapin: iirc, the conclusion was that we'd copy the interface from DOM 2 into the Fonts spec.
<dino> SimonSapin: and there was only a few attributes missing
<dino> SimonSapin: I'll make a pull request
<dbaron> The OM thing is
<dino> jdaggett: the OM rule is non-functional. to make it work you have to jam things into the style.
<dino> jdaggett: you can manipulate unicode range on a style property - this is weird
<dino> jdaggett: it is badly defined. we are not speccing out what the implementors are implementing.
<dino> Chris__L: what do you suggest?
<dino> jdaggett: that implementors follow the spec
<dino> jdaggett: we should not spec out whacky behaviour on style rules
<dino> myles_: content that already exists, will access the descriptors inside the rule. So we need a .style property
<dino> jdaggett: are people actually using this functionality, that's been there since CSS 2. Last time I looked, if you went in and changed the font family, font matching didn't respond correctly.
<dino> myles_: works in Safari.
<dino> jdaggett: not in Chrome
<dino> jdaggett: this is broken in practice.
<dino> Chris__L: where do we want to go?
<dino> jdaggett: if you're looking to go to REC, then put something in that says it is not defined and push the OM to CSS 4
<dino> Chris__L: what you have specced is better, but the implementors don't agree.
<dino> astearns: we have to move the OM section from Fonts 3 into Fonts 4. any objection?
<dino> SimonSapin: i am fine with moving the attributes. But the @font-face rule interface exists
<dino> astearns: we can copy over what is in CSS 2 to Fonts 3, or we can have a section saying that CSS 2 exists but we are not putting it in the spec
<dino> Chris__L: people seemed to push back that DOM Level 2 is ancient
<dino> jdaggett: but all the implementations are in the same boat
<dino> RESOLVED: Remove CSS OM section from Fonts Level 3 to Fonts Level 4
<dino> SimonSapin: just the attributes?
<dino> SimonSapin: option - define CSSFontFaceRule, but without any attributes.
<dino> myles_: why is that valuable?
<dino> SimonSapin: because you want something to show up in the CSSRules.
<dino> Florian: is that implemented? pushing it out doesn't mean we don't want it.
<dino> SimonSapin: CSSFontFaceRule with a style attribute is implemented. The font spec has one attribute for each descriptor.
<dino> SimonSapin: this comes from DOM Level 2
<dino> dbaron: if we do this, we should add a note saying that this is actually defined in Fonts 4, but what is currently implemented is defined in DOM Level 2
<dino> astearns: objections to amending the resolution to leave CSSFontFaceRule and add a Note
<dino> ?
<dino> RESOLVED: As above, but leave CSSFontFaceRule with a note explaining the current state


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