Re: [csswg-drafts] Define which subresources block the DOM load event

This is the bit that says we should define this:

Though, really, I would rather not start a discussion about what is critical or what is not. To keep our model sane and automatically up-to-date, I would argue either that any resource downloaded after applying CSS is a critical sub-resource and must be waited on (which means it must be used somewhere on the page before the load event fires otherwise it won't trigger a download), or that no subresource of css is considered critical if it isn't layout-impacting.

Based on Geoffrey's findings, Edge has the latter model (we should also delay for fonts though to be consistent) while Chrome has the former model (every subresource is critical). 

Chrome's model is maybe easier to implement but it delays consequently the load event, which likely has negative perf implications. 

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Received on Wednesday, 12 April 2017 19:32:33 UTC