Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-content][css-pseudo][css-cascade] Does content:contents in pseudo affect inheritance?

Each pseudo-element defines what its originating element is; that's what it inherits from.  Nothing inherits from a pseudo-element (unless/until we allow nesting pseudo-elements).

`content: contents` is not defined anywhere *near* sufficiently to actually be implemented, but the way it would have to work to be sane is to just reparent the child boxes from the originating element to the pseudo-element. Inheritance happens long before box construction, so the "Foo" text will definitely be red, as it inherits its color from the `span`, which inherits it from the `div`.

(The `contents` value needs to get dropped anyway; it only existed to enable the footnoting machinery; you'd move the contents of the element into a pseudo with `content: contents`, then do something with a property that I believed was called `move-to`, which has been removed, and leave behind a footnote marker with the `::marker` pseudo.  Since most of the machinery has been dropped, the `contents` value no longer does anything useful.)

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