Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-align][css-grid] Synthesizing baselines for elements orthogonal to the baseline-axis

    .grid { display: grid; grid-auto-flow: row; }
    .contentStart { align-content: start; justify-content: start; }
    .justifyItemsBaseline { justify-items: baseline; }
    .alignItemsStart { align-items: start; }
 <div class="grid contentStart justifyItemsBaseline alignItemsStart">

Only the row-axis (justify-self) applies as baseline-axis, which determines we must select items which
share a column-like alignment context (the first and only column, in this case); the four items share such first column context. 

All items have a block flow direction parallel to the alignment context's axis, hence we must treat them as: 

> having a block flow direction orthogonal to the alignment context’s axis and directed end-ward relative to the box that establishes the alignment context, ...

As the CSS Sizing spec states, we must synthesized the items' baseline using their **under** border edge. If we use the table defined in the CSS Writing Modes spec,  we should map **under** to **bottom** because the items are horizontal. However, that doesn't make sense because the baseline-axis is the row axis, in this case, the horizontal axis.

So, I assumed that we must treat those items as orthogonal to the grid container, hence vertical, so that we map **under** to **left** 

I wonder whether my assumption is correct, and in that case, whether it's properly described in the specs.

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Received on Friday, 7 April 2017 22:24:05 UTC