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== [css-units] aspect ratio units needed ==
I know there has been discussion of aspect ratio units in the past.

We need them. Badly. 

Especially with CSS Grid. 

Why? When? So — there are many usecases where an Author wants to maintain a specific aspect ratio in their Grid cells. They want every cell to be 4x3 or to be a square. 

For example in order to make every cell a square, maybe the browser looks at both min-content dimensions (or both results of auto) — and keeps the longer of the two. Then makes the shorter of the two into the same length as the longer. 

Or a similar thing to keep 4x3, or keep 16x9. 

I have not had a chance to read the proposed specs. Or code up demos. I just know this comes up over and over and over. I just had yet another person ask me how to do this, and all I can say is "use viewport units and a ton of media queries". We need something better. 

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