Re: [csswg-drafts] Add a clipboard media type

> As @Crissov commented, this is highly likely to be abused.

As I said, a similar way to copy-protect a page is already available 
via `user-select`. Also `@media print` can be abused the same way.
But you're right, the risk that this feature would abused is high.

> this would significantly complicate how implementations deal with 
copying to the clipboard, as they would have to do a dedicated layout 
pass, which they currently do not do.

The idea about the 'clipboard' media type could have been part of a 
larger discussion about specifying how implementations should deal 
with copying. (Currently they obviously differ a lot!)

I'm not an implementer, but I would have assumed the technical part to
 be relatively easy, because the layout algorithm would mostly be the 
same as the one used for the screen or print layout.

@fantasai in the [minutes from 

> It won't interact properly with the cascade since we want the 
default behavior to be a set of UA-defined behavior.

I assume UAs would only be required to change the default style sheet 
for this and the cascade would work the same as now.

> I'd like to close this as WONTFIX. Is that OK with you?

I still think it would be good to have a way to influence clipboard 
layout in some way, but I can understand your disagreement on the 
proposed 'clipboard' media type.


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