Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-text] behavior of copy/paste with text-transform

My point was that CSS UAs should not mess with characters upon sending
 something to the OS clipboard, because the receiving end may well be 
capable of handling all the style information originally expressed in 
CSS and its user may want to deactivate or change some of it and since
 the effects of `text-transform` do not round-trip, a hard character 
conversion would result in irreversible information loss which is not 
in the user’s best interest.

It’s out of scope of CSS what the OS does to copied styled text. It’s 
also out of scope of CSS what applications that receive the clip from 
the OS do to the text prior to pasting it in. Basically the same 
applies if the sending and receiving apps communicate directly with 
each other – and the C&P operation can of course also happen within a 
single piece of software. 

Browsers, however, have to deal with pasting styled content into both,
 plain and rich text environments. They may employ custom 
styled-to-rich-text methods and *that* is where `<em 
style="text-transform: uppercase">MacDonald</em>` copied from the web 
page displayed gets transformed into `MACDONALD` when pasted into a 
`<input type="text">`, but it would be inserted unchanged into some 
`contenteditable` node.

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