Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-content][css-pseudo]::before and ::after a void element

Wouldn't it be useful also to define the behavior of `::before` and 
`::after` for void and (especially) replaced elements more 
specifically, with regard to the current behavior of the browsers? 
E.g., all browsers currently support these pseudo-elements for `hr` 
(and `hr::before { content: "\2727\2003\2003\2727\2003\2003\2727"; }` 
is widely used in the new design of W3C specs themselves), although 
this element [is defined as 
void]( in HTML.
 Also, almost all browsers don't apply them to regular `img` elements,
 but do apply for broken `img`s 
( Since the difference 
between regular and broken differ in their browser Shadow DOM 
structure ([at least in Blink 
 maybe  the behavior of pseudo elements also could be described in 
Shadow DOM terms?

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Received on Friday, 21 October 2016 06:24:31 UTC