Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-fonts-4] [varfont] @font-face descriptors should accept ranges

@frivoal This proposed syntax (with the commas and the slashes) seems 
much too complicated. All the existing variation fonts I know of 
simply support a single range of values for each axis, and that is the
 expectation of all future fonts. It doesn't seem like there is any 
use case of supporting any sequences more complicated for that. As for
 the distinction of font selection values from rendering values, we 
are discussing that in #528.

When considering the concept of a range in @font-face blocks, many 
content authors may not know the exact algorithm for font selection. 
Forcing them to write only a single value will likely require them to 
know details of the font selection algorithm is in order to correctly 
choose that value (sometimes it is the minimum of the font's available
 range, and sometimes it is the maximum). Letting the @font-face 
descriptors match the font's external interface will definitely be 
helpful for content authors.

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Received on Friday, 14 October 2016 23:43:45 UTC