[csswg-drafts] [css-conditional-3] [css-fonts-4] Allow CSS.supports('font-family: system-ui') for feature detection

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== [css-conditional-3] [css-fonts-4] Allow CSS.supports('font-family: 
system-ui') for feature detection ==

Context: blink-dev [Intent to Implement and Ship: The “system-ui” 
generic font 
 where I wonder "Would there really be any privacy concern in allowing
 support for an alias like this to be detected? It seems about as 
harmless as CSS.supports('font-family: sans-serif')."

I couldn't actually find which specs makes it currently not work, help

It seems like a good idea to support this for all generic font 
families, to disable any code that might be making guesses based on 
other information.

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