Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-display] create a display property value for visually hiding an element while making it available for AT

I agree @AmeliaBR.  We do have the wonderful clip technique.  However,
 we are currently in limbo with clip, considering that [it has been 
deprecated]( and
 Edge hasn't yet [picked up support for 
 In my opinion this is reason alone to move away from "hacks" towards 
a standard method of dealing with a very common need.

In regards to focusable elements within visually hidden elements, my 
understanding of the [Focus Visible Success Criterion of WCAG 
 says that an element must be visible when focused.  When focused, and
 in this particular use case, such as for skip links, I would expect 
the browser to give the element a display, such as block or flex.   If
 the developer needs to disable keyboards from focusing the elements, 
they should disable tabbing to the focusable elements.

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Received on Tuesday, 11 October 2016 02:14:50 UTC