Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-display] create a display property value for visually hiding an element while making it available for AT

There isn't a CSS proposal, but there is an ARIA property, at least in
 theory. [`aria-hidden: 
false`]( is supposed 
to expose content to assistive technology even if it would normally be
 considered hidden because of `display: none` or `visibility: hidden` 
or width/height of 0.

However, because browsers did not support `aria-hidden: false` 
consistently, accessibility best practice has developed to use a 
combination of properties (overflow/clip plus absolute positioning) 
that none of the browsers use in their heuristics for deciding whether
 something is hidden or not.

That said, this is definitely something that should be discussed as 
part of the new [CSS Accessibility 

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