Re: [csswg-drafts] Add :focusring selector

This would be great to have! This would address one of the big 
problems we've had implementing focus in web components.

The other big problem: there's no consistent way to ask that the 
standard focus appearance be applied to an element. The case we've hit
 here is a custom combo box that contains an input element and a 
dropdown button.
* We want the standard focus appearance to be applied to the entire 
combo box, not just the input element.
* At the same time, we actually want the input element to have the 
focus. As with many combo boxes (e.g., Windows combo boxes, Chrome's 
address bar), we don't need the dropdown button focusable, relying 
instead on arrow keys to invoke them.
* Hence, we want to tell the browser: Make this outer element look 
focused, don't make the actual input element look focused.
* Unfortunately, we're not aware of any standard CSS that lets us 
apply the browser's own focus appearance to an element.

Could you possible tackle this problem at the same time as 

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Received on Tuesday, 15 November 2016 23:08:38 UTC