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Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-content] Generation of bookmarks from CSS is not defined

From: lrosenthol via GitHub <sysbot+gh@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2016 18:36:12 +0000
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> The tree should appear in document order.
Document order after execution of any/all scripts?  So the "final 
DOM", if you will, for the document?  Or the order as originally 
parsed, before execution?

(I'd prefer the final version, but as long as the spec is clear, I 
could live with either)

>At least one implementation just ignores iframes. 
>I don't currently have a use case for including bookmarks from 
external documents.
OK - I think that's perfectly fine.  If you could make this clear in 
the spec, that would be helpful.

>>What about the level - is that relative the previous item (and if 
so, in what order)? 
>I don't think it should be relative to previous items. 
>The document author controls bookmark level via CSS, 
>but user agents choose to how to expose and display the bookmarks to 
If a level 2 is "subordinate" to level 1 (as I would expect it to be),
 how does a UA know which is the parent?  It's not explicit in the CSS
 and there is no clue given in the spec.  That was why I would ASSUME 
that its the previous one with the lower level (eg. 1 < 2).  However, 
this needs to be stipulated in the spec so UAs can produce consist 

>For the purposes of the spec, level really only matters for 
determining which bookmarks are hidden >when a bookmark is set to 
But how does the UA know what the "set" is?  A set is defined (IMO) as
 "all the children of a given parent" - so how does the UA know the 

>>What if you find a 2 before a 1, what is the expected behavior?
>So if the first bookmark in a document has level 2, it is just 
displayed as a bookmark. 
>It will never be closed, as there won't be a nearby previous element 
with lower bookmark level.
but what is its parent??

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