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[csswg-drafts] [css-align][css-grid][css-flexbox] wrong assumptions about baselines only occurring in the inline axis

From: Mats Palmgren via GitHub <sysbot+gh@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2016 21:58:37 +0000
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== [css-align][css-grid][css-flexbox] wrong assumptions about 
baselines only occurring in the inline axis ==
A few CSS specs seems to assume boxes only have baselines in their 
inline axis.
That seems wrong since Grid and Tables have baselines in both axis:

For example, if an inline-grid is placed on a block line and its 
writing-mode is orthogonal
to the block, then I think it should be baseline-aligned using its 
block-axis baseline.
So if there is a baseline-aligned group of items in its first 
*column*, it is aligned on the line.

Here are a few spec snippets that needs to be corrected (there may be 
"share an alignment context whose axis is parallel to their inline 

This should instead say something like:
"share an alignment context whose axis is parallel to an axis for 
which the box has a baseline"

"whichever matches its inline axis" (three times)

"inline axis" (twice)

"A grid item participates in baseline alignment in a particular 
dimension if its value for align-self or
justify-self, as appropriate, is baseline and its inline axis is 
parallel to that dimension."

s/and its inline axis is parallel/ and it has a baseline parallel/  

(BTW, that whole statement above is redundant and can be removed since
 CSS Align
defines when a grid item participates in baseline alignment.  It also 
seems misplaced
since this chapter is about grid *container* baselines.)

    If the flex item’s inline axis is the same as the cross axis, this
 value is identical to flex-start.
    Otherwise, it participates in baseline alignment:..."

That seems wrong if the flex item is a grid container for example.


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