Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-color] lch() function needs to use CSS types properly.

Okay, lch() now uses `<hue>`, same as hsl(). That accepts `<number> | 

I still argue that lightness is a percentage.  In most cases it's 
interpreted the same as the lightness in hsl() - 0 is black and 100 is
 white. The fact that you can go above 100% doesn't make this 
not-a-percentage, any more than the fact that you can exceed 100% in 
RGB means that those channels aren't percentages.  There is a useful 
minimum and maximum value that is typically observed, and those are 
typically written as 0 and 100, which is basically percentages.

Trying to argue that 50% == .5, rather than 50, is silly. By the same 
argument, `vw` units wouldn't be percentages, when they clearly are - 
we're just expressing them in a more-specific unit that equals 1% of 
the viewport width.  We had the same argument (`50vw` or `.5vw`) when 
we first designed those units, and the group agreed that it's easy and
 natural to make percentage-like units use a [0-100] range rather than

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