Re: [csswg-drafts] [css-values] Add <number-optional-number> type

I don't know if we want to canonicalize the SVG "commas wherever you 
want" behavior in the grammar; making it slightly more annoying to 
type might help keep this from spreading to new things, so we can 
standardize on normal CSS behavior over time.

(For `<foo>+#`, we're gonna just add the `+#` combinator to V&U, so 
Bikeshedded specs will link to it automatically.)

If we were to standardize "comma or not whatever lol", I'd prefer 
hitting it directly. We already have `+#` for the "list of 
optional-comma things" (and theoretically could have `+#{1,2}`), we 
could make `<foo> ,? <bar>` directly indicate that the comma is 

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