[csswg-drafts] [cssom] "Mutating the declarations" is underdefined

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== [cssom] "Mutating the declarations" is underdefined ==
Is the latter of the following a "mutating the declarations"
element.style.width = "10px"; element.style.width = "10px"; ?

The reason why this must be defined is to decide what kind of 
MutationRecords should be created when style attribute is set.

Given that element.setAttribute("style", "width: 10px;"); 
element.setAttribute("style", "width: 10px;");
creates two MutationRecords, I think for consistency also 
element.style.width = "10px"; element.style.width = "10px"; should. 
And that is the behavior in Gecko and Edge (but not in blink)

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