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== [css-break] table orphans and widows ==

The `orphans` and `widows` properties work fine for textual content, 
but the same concept is needed for tables, so that you can ask for a 
minimum number of table rows that must  be left in a fragment before a
 fragmentation break, or that must be left in a fragment after a 

We could either set up a new pair of properties (table-widows / 
table-orphans), or simply decide that `widows` and `orphans` apply to 
tables as well.

The late seems preferable, since if we had both pair of properties, 
the elements they would apply to would be mutually exclusive. The only
 downside is that it is not entirely clear if inheritance from the 
content surrounding the table to the table, and from the table to the 
table content makes a whole lot of sense.

That could be solved by having `widows` and `orphans` take multiple 
value, the first one applying to lines, the second optional one to 
table rows and defaulting to the same as the first one if omitted. But
 that may be overkill.

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