Blockchain project of reliable information and reputation


I would like to draw your attention to the new service for analyzing the
veracity of information and worldwide distribution blockchain project of
reliable information on the Internet My name is Timur
Sadekov and I'm the founder and CEO of this project.

The Internet is full of fakes. Lies, fake news, fabricated documents, media
hoaxes and political propaganda have overwhelmed social and traditional
media. There are fakes everywhere and it's hard to find the truth. Trust
and reputation are the moral basis of each information source. People need
technology that will help them to analyze the veracity of information
quickly and efficiently. It’s one of the most important tasks in web3. With
the help of blockchains we can guarantee authenticity and cryptographic
provability of data (consistency, inalterability, immutability). But how
can we guarantee the validity of the data??? If X is written on the
blockchain, then I can be sure that this is what was written there. But why
exactly X? Who wrote this? Who gave him authority? Who audited it? What is
the authority supply chain? What is the chain of supervision and
enforcement if X is really not X? What is the historical reputation of the
person who wrote X? Web3 projects based on cryptographic authenticity that
are not confirmed by behavioral veracity, truthfulness of statements and
good faith of intentions — are not viable. It is not enough to solve the
blockchain trilemma. We still need to strike a balance of trust. We have
found a way to solve this problem. We have invented a fundamental technique
that changes all our old habits and makes all the games we played the
previous 20 years meaningless.

Our method is based on the fact that any news or publications can be
represented as a sequence of elementary events securely recorded and
encrypted inside the blockchain: who, when, what, where, how much etc. All
users who want to tell about important events should post a sequence of
facts. These blocks will be so simple that it will be easy to check these
facts from all sides and enable automatic translation and make the system
multilingual and fully international. Of great importance is the fact that
fake news never continues and always contradicts each other. And vice
versa, any true fact or event will have supporters who will be interested
in publishing the most detailed information about it. All this makes it
possible to assign each message in the system a credibility rating, and
authors — a reputation rating. The basis of credibility is the same
composition of event quanta, and the basis of reputation is the constancy
and stability of this composition in large socially diverse groups. We call
it “the chemistry of truth” and “the DNA of reputation”.

The main know-how of the Cyberpravda is a combination of modern blockchain
protocols with algorithms of mathematical analysis of logical networks and
graph theory for analysis of complex logical chains consisting of hundreds
of facts from many different sources allowing mathematically to evaluate
the reliability rating of information on the Internet and assess the
reputation of its authors depending on the correlations of facts and
arguments published by various authors with evidences and refutations from
other users, the authors' scientific weight, their activity, account
verification, reliability of data sources and many other factors.The
algorithm is completely transparent and visible to all users of the system.
Everyone will know the rules of the game and will be able to check them at
any time. Thousands of authors will participate in the process, espousing
different points of view.

We know that factories of bots and trolls of "50 cent army" are the main
risk of falsification of reputation. And we know the solution. We want to
fundamentally change the existing practice of using the number of clicks as
a relevancy indicator and the number of links as a quality indicator in
favor of numerical criteria and scientometric indicators of accuracy and
truthfulness. CyberPravda doesn’t have likes and dislikes. Any fact or
fake, even if it has been confirmed by millions of bots and trolls, is
stored in the CyberPravda system as only one single block. But this block
is built into the logical and chronological network of all the knowledge of
mankind and its reliability is determined not by the number of
confirmations, but by consistency and noncontradiction with all other
facts, and not in the mindset of individual author, but from the point of
view of the social consensus of many users who have different opinions
about current events.

It is easy to falsify one fact, but already two facts should not contradict
each other. And hundreds and thousands of fakes published by bots and
trolls will never represent an integral self-consistent picture of events.
It's absolutely impossible. Reputation is created over the years, but it is
lost in minutes and then never returned. This is the principle of our
system. In the long run, the authors of credible information will
accumulate a systematically increasing rating, while the ratings of
fake-news makers will systematically decrease, because they will not and
cannot have correlations with other points of view. The know-how of our
algorithm is that even thousands of publications of thousands of bots and
trolls with zero ratings will bring them 1000x1000x0=0 reputation.

The trick is that you can train a robot to imitate the logic of facts and
evidence from textbooks and encyclopedias, and the rating of this robot
will be exactly equal to the rating of the authors of these textbooks and
encyclopedias. But it will never exceed them. It's impossible. However,
even a single fact added to the system by someone who has learned something
new will give that author at least one point higher rating. And
consequently, the rating of real specialists will always be higher than
ratings of bots and trolls.

The facts are checked and confirmed by all other users of the system. Bots
can do this too, but for the reason above, their argumentation score will
always be at least one point lower than the rating of real experts. The
intelligence of a bot will never exceed that of a human. Moreover, it will
never exceed the collective intelligence of all mankind.

All business people can understand the analogy with a long-term bank
deposit. For one depositor, the percentage is slightly higher by only 1%,
while for the other, it is falling slowly. But after some time, one will be
rich, and the other will become a beggar. Reputation is accumulated and
earned over the years. Moreover, the ratings of verified authors are
obviously higher than anonymous ones, and the ratings of scientists are
higher than the opinions of ordinary users.

All this should allow restoring the former importance and value of online
journalism for professionals who investigated, wrote, fact-checked,
double-checked information, and then had their work reviewed by experienced
competitors. Thus, CyberPravda rating, of course, does not claim to be the
supreme truth, but as close to it as possible, being inherently a
reflection of the social consensus on any discussed topic.

On the basis of the calculated rating, a digital certificate of reliability
of published information is formed, protected from spoofing and
falsification by cryptographic methods as NFT (non-fungible tokens) that
cannot be sold, bought, transferred or hacked by other users, but users who
made a significant contribution to the knowledge database can earn money
proportionately with NFTs which express their reputation rating. These
ratings should become the basis for new types of web crawling algorithms
and new services for ranking information in social networks, allowing to
filter out fake news, falsifications, lies and irresponsible authors.

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We are developing our project with scientific support of research
scientists from the Institute of Control Sciences named after academician
V.A.Trapeznikov of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ICS RAS). The Academy
is the highest scientific institution of the Russian Federation and the
leading center for basic research in natural and social sciences.

Now we are working on a prototype and we would love to show you the example
of work that we've done as soon as possible. We are planning to have 1
million users in the first year after the start of application.
Unfortunately, in relation to Putin's war in Ukraine we had to
reincorporate in Spain, relocate our main team to the Republic of Belarus
and develop our project with the help of volunteers. All the investors in
Russia fear to support the project aimed to combat propaganda and
disinformation. Even volunteers are afraid of losing their main jobs if
someone finds out what project they are working on. We need investments to
finalize our project.

I sincerely hope you can help us raise the degree of objectivity in the
world. Reestablishing trust is critical to combat the systematic efforts
being made to devalue truth. Reputation is the most important thing the
whole world is lacking right now.

I'd be perfectly happy to tell you more and answer any questions that you
might have. We would very much appreciate hearing from you.

Looking forward,

Timur Sadekov, CEO

Received on Monday, 14 November 2022 09:26:45 UTC