IFCN. etc.

In follow up to the CredWeb CG meeting this morning, I planned to update 
my StratML rendition of IFCN's about statement 
<https://stratml.us/carmel/iso/IFCNwStyle.xml> but was not inspired to 
do so by information they are providing at 
https://www.poynter.org/ifcn/  However, I did update my StratML 
rendition of the Poynter Institute's about statement, at 

The discussion about research prospects prompted me to think about the 
learning agendas that U.S. federal agencies have been directed to 
compile.  Unfortunately, they are buried in walls of text 
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Wall_of_text> in PDF renditions 
of their updated strategic plans but there are some obvious 
opportunities implicit in these statements by which the Department of 
State and U.S. AID describe themselves in their joint plan 

    Building understanding of and support for U.S. policies and values
    among foreign publics by */providing /**/credible and
    /**/trustworthy information/* to global audiences, enhancing
    people-to-people ties, and */countering disinformation/*.

    Revitalizing democracy with work that confronts corruption, defends
    and protects human rights, */resists the /**/authoritarian use of
    disinformation/* and digital repression, engages civil society,
    governments, local media, and other key actors, particularly those
    from under-represented and marginalized groups.

See, for example, DOS/AID Strategy 1.5.1: Networks 
- Build Networks of Champions.

    Other Information:  The Department of State and USAID will build the
    capacity and networks of individuals, organizations, and states who
    share and advance democratic values by fostering open and resilient
    information environments where democracies can thrive; leading the
    /*global distribution of accurate information*/ about U.S. policy,
    development efforts, and shared values; and modernizing their public
    diplomacy and development outreach capabilities to compete
    effectively. Both agencies will conduct audience research and
    analysis, crafting targeted development efforts and public diplomacy
    initiatives and activities, formulating nuanced messaging,
    conducting rigorous monitoring and evaluation activities that foster
    organizational learning, *countering mis- and disinformation*, and
    designing programs that bring influential foreign participants into
    direct contact with American life and values.

BTW, Luke Fretwell has made an important point about the need for 
simplified websites 
They should waste less screen space on flashy graphics and share more 
information in open, standard, machine-readable format.


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