New era for the Credibility Group

Dear Credibility Group member,

I just hit "publish" on a longish blog post about our new era. You can see
that here:

In short, we are switching from a group defining credibility signals, to
one that will build a test suite to examine all efforts to fight
misinformation. To do that, we need you! We want to re-engage with all
members of this group, especially those with domain expertise that can be
used to help build a robust and useful test suite.

And, we'd like to grow. If you know of any journalists, social scientists,
user interface experts, or others who can help identify strengths and
weaknesses of anti-misinformation efforts--and would be willing to
participate in perhaps six meetings over the next six or so months
following the rules of a W3C community group--please share the link with

Thanks very much in advance,

-Scott Yates
co-chair, W3C Credibility group


Founder, caretaker of the trust.txt framework
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Received on Monday, 27 September 2021 20:16:34 UTC