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Subject:  CredWeb CG Meeting Notes
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I finally found the time to check out the recording of the "election" 
meeting and here are the highlights of which I took special note:

    Aviv asked about the expectations, including the roles,
    responsibilities, activities as well as the anticipated outputs and
    outcomes.  (As they are clarified, I will be happy to render them in
    StratML Part 2, Performance Plan/Report, format.)

    Scott suggested aiming for a quick win, encouraging others to do
    what we think would be useful, and trying to build momentum.

    Ted suggested starting with a relatively simple solution, i.e., a
    concrete goal that is achievable.

    Sandro inquired as to what results might be achievable within the
    next 12 months. (In StratML parlance such results are called
    "objectives"; longer-term desired results are called "goals". 
    Progress is tracked in performance indicators, which may be as
    frequently recorded as desired.)

    Aviv offered that the group might be a place for conversations but
    not necessarily to produce outputs. However, he also suggested that
    a registry of signals might be a good output.  Subsequently, he
    suggested that putting together a listing of existing efforts might
    be the most useful output this group could produce.  (To the degree
    that signals/existing efforts may be identified and their purposes
    are clear, I will render their plans in StratML format for potential
    use in such a registry/listing.  I'd also be interested to see what
    HTML5/JSON/LOD partisans might be able to do along those lines.)

    Ted suggested that a best practices document would be very useful.

    Aviv expressed interest in finding a volunteer(s) to manage the
    "machinery" supporting the group and Sandro pledged to assist with
    the transition.  (While I have little interest in managing that
    machinery, I am very interested in documenting the group's
    intentions, stakeholders, and results in open, standard,
    machine-readable StratML format and may feel compelled to do that
    regardless of anything that anyone else may or may not do -- as I
    have already been doing at https://stratml.us/drybridge/index.htm#CWCG)

BTW, Aviv's about statement for the Thoughtful Technology Project are 
now available in StratML format at 

Interestingly, a Google site-specific query 
of the StratML collection turns up no plans associated with Scott but 
Bing uncovers 
this one <https://stratml.us/carmel/iso/TI2ICAwStyle.xml>. Not sure what 
Google has against him or the CredWeb CG but I doubt we're on Facebook's 
of their elite friends... or is the existence of such a list "fake 
news"?  Unfortunately, neither Bing nor Google find Scott in the 
Certified Content Coalition's plan 
<https://stratml.us/carmel/iso/CCC2wStyle.xml>.  Nor do they find the 
Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity 
<https://stratml.us/carmel/iso/C2PAwStyle.xml>, headed up by Leonard.  
Perhaps you can understand why I find neither of them particularly 

Incidentally, however, Bing does a much better job than Google indexing 
StratML GUIDs <https://stratml.us/cusson/BingStratMLGUIDQueries.htm>.  
For example, Google can't find the CredWeb CG based upon its StratML 
GUID but Bing does 



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