Re: EU Project Co-Inform and browser plugin

Co-Inform's about statement is now available in StratML format at

With respect to their dashboard goal 
I invite you to check out the article 
entitled "A plethora of YADs: Let's hope they point to a more 
intelligent future" that Government Computer News invited me to submit 
in September 2017.

I agree that browsers should become more "intelligent" -- by enabling 
the capture and taking advantage of metadata.  Indeed, in this 
presentation <> in 1998, I proposed 
the development of a BuDDMan (business data & document management) browser.

However, I'm also a bit skeptical of relying upon centralized control by 
monopolistic browser software developers versus widely distributed 
control of metadata embedded in open, standard, machine-readable records.

At least, it would be good if we could strive to become less 
artificially ignorant 
<>, e.g., 
by using more mature business-quality tools, apps, and services that 
create and manage records in open, standard, machine-readable format.

See also this two-pager 
<> on the flashy 
Web versus the intelligent Web.


On 9/6/2021 12:31 PM, Daniel Schwabe wrote:
> This EU project (finished in July) did some work along the lines (but 
> not the same) of what we have been discussing re crowdsourcing and 
> browser plugins: 
> <>.
> It uses a pretty sophisticated approach to assess credibility - 
> <>.
> Cheers
> D

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