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Twitter Birdwatch: user annotation for credibility, truth, etc.

From: Bob Wyman <bob@wyman.us>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2021 20:37:33 -0500
Message-ID: <CAA1s49UmjoN2-k1qXSn-Zk=7J1rf2e6k8=rzkXT1bAh6RdjXcw@mail.gmail.com>
To: Credible Web CG <public-credibility@w3.org>
Today, Twitter launched Birdwatch <https://twitter.github.io/birdwatch/> a
system which, I think, should be relevant to the work of this group:

"Birdwatch allows people to identify information in Tweets they believe is
> misleading and write notes that provide informative context. We believe
> this approach has the potential to respond quickly when misleading
> information spreads, adding context that people trust and find valuable.
> Eventually we aim to make notes visible directly on Tweets for the global
> Twitter audience, when there is consensus from a broad and diverse set of
> contributors." Keith Coleman, Twitter Vice President of Product in "Introducing
> Birdwatch, a community-based approach to misinformation
> <https://blog.twitter.com/en_us/topics/product/2021/introducing-birdwatch-a-community-based-approach-to-misinformation.html>
> ."

Has anyone had a chance to review Birdwatch? What do you think?

Useful links:

   - Birdwatch Guide on GitHub <https://twitter.github.io/birdwatch/>
   - Birdwatch on Twitter <https://twitter.com/i/birdwatch> (signup to
   trial, see recent annotated tweets, etc.)
   - Birdwatch Announcement

 bob wyman
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