Re: Results (!!) of W3C CredWeb elections

On Thu, 26 Aug 2021, 22:17 Sandro Hawke, <> wrote:

> With Drew withdrawing his candidacy, after much discussion at today's
> meeting, there was consensus to proceed with Scott Yates and Aviv Ovadya as
> co-chairs of the group. With this arrangement, there's no need for voting
> or the 21-day election period that was previously announced. (Per process,
> the election is only required when there are more candidates than slots.)
> As several people with long W3C experience pointed out, it's usually good
> to have co-chairs. To my eye, this is an excellent outcome.
> Since I did announce there would be an election, however, and some people
> were not able to attend today's meeting, this email is a *call for
> consensus.*  If you have any substantive objection to the group
> proceeding with our two remaining chair candidates as co-chairs, please
> speak up now.  I'll give it 4 days, then consider the matter closed and
> (assuming no substantive objection) hand over the reins to the new chairs.
> I plan to keep attending meetings, myself, and to maintain the
> infrastructure until it can be transitioned.
> Thanks everyone for some fascinating discussion. *Congratulations and
> thanks to Scott and Aviv!*

Sounds like a great outcome! Thanks, Sandro for all your efforts here over
the last few years.



>     -- Sandro

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