Re: Digital Press Passes and Decentralized Public Key Infrastructures

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As interesting, there is a new publication on these topics: .

One can observe on page 26:

“A free and diverse press has been vital in dispelling misinformation during the pandemic, particularly where audiences have low trust in governments or what they read on social media, or even where the government may actively promote misinformation. Facebook takes steps to promote informative media by prioritising sources that it has categorised as trusted and including a broader promotion of informative content.

“Many participants in our forum thought that platforms could do more to support trustworthy media, with concerns that platforms such as Facebook may prioritise western and national scale media over local sources, particularly in the developing world. Local media is crucial in informing communities during the pandemic, but smaller outlets can struggle to gain trusted status from platforms, and often do not have the resources to navigate platform recommendation systems or search engine optimisation effectively. Participants raised concerns about specific outlets being treated as trustworthy by Facebook, for example Breitbart.

“Although some are optimistic that promoting authoritative information is the best means of combating misinformation, many of our participants were sceptical. Misinformation can spread rapidly, while the running of media organisations is costly and producing content is time consuming, making it difficult to compete with the scale and speed at which misinformation spreads online.”


“The Trust Project<> aims to amplify journalists’ commitment to transparency, accuracy, inclusion and fairness so that the public can make informed news choices. Over 200 news sites have partnered with the Trust Project, implementing 8 Trust Indicators as a standard including (amongst other things) journalist expertise, local sourcing, ethical practices for news gathering and citations. The Trust Project partners with Facebook and Google to provide consistent standards for promoting reliable news.”

More information about these 8 trust indicators is available here: .

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