Re: Task force on Credibility Data Access (APIs, Protocols, Formats, Schemas)

Should we ignore the June part again, and just think about it as a generic week??


´╗┐On 1/29/20, 11:54 AM, "Sandro Hawke" <> wrote:

    I'm thinking it makes sense to have a separate series of meetings to 
    talk about the mechanics of passing around credibility data. So, here we 
    can talk about JSON vs RDFa vs JSON-LD vs SPARQL vs SHACL, etc, and the 
    details of an RDF schema and maybe graph shapes that reflect the signal 
    definitions approved by the main group.
    If you know something about this stuff (complete expertise not 
    required!) and you'd be willing to help with this, please fill out this 
    scheduling poll.  If you already filled out the main poll last week, 
    just tell me, and I can use that data.;;sdata=Wl79%2BFYviT167HgTSdWSn5wPgH%2BvE%2BY3UF4Wfc8arwY%3D&amp;reserved=0

    I'm thinking we can do it every week for a few weeks -- hoping it wont 
    take that many meetings before we have a reasonable draft and can take a 
           -- Sandro

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