CredWeb Update

Thanks to everyone who participated in the scheduling poll.  We had 22 
responses, and as you might expect given time zones and busy schedules,  
the best options worked for only 14 people.  Still, there was a time 
that's ranked somewhat better than the time we've been using, so we're 
switching to 25 hours later, *Wednesdays at 2pm ET*, starting next week.

As planned, we were able approve by consensus the proposal to endorse 
one signal as "promising". Please consider looking over the meeting 
and the linked signal write-up document. If you object to this decision, 
please speak up within 72 hours.  Of course, new information is always 
grounds to re-open a decision, but we've got a lot of signals to go 
through. We're hoping to move forward with several promising signals, 
get out a report on them, then regroup and revise based on what we learn 
in the process and any feedback we get. That means not stopping for too 
long on any one signal.

The calendar now shows two meetings of discussion/approval of more 
signals, then one on approving the report about these signals. I'd like 
to try to keep us on that schedule, and then iterate once we've released 
that first version.

Three people volunteered to write up signals for next week (one at risk 
to slip an additional week), but more are welcome. Probably best to 
start with the a copy of the one approved today and update it as necessary.

Thanks to everyone for a very productive meeting,
       -- Sandro

Received on Tuesday, 28 January 2020 19:47:13 UTC