Content Authenticity Initiative

I am very interested to learn more about the CAI, whose about statement 
is available in StratML format at

Leonard produced aPDF/A-3 rendition 
<>of the Town of Hilton 
Head's Connected and Collaborative Community plan with the StratML file 
attached. The StratML can be viewed by opening the file inAcrobat 
<>and clicking on 
the paper clip. (The default PDF viewers built into browsers do not 
support that capability.) The intent is to demonstrate the best of both 
human- and machine-readability.


On 2/21/2020 1:34 AM, Sandro Hawke wrote:
> Okay, with Subbu's help, I have prepared the revised version including 
> RNG Awards.
> It includes a color-coded "diff" from the previous version (the one 
> circulated before the meeting).  The changes are:
> * More detailing version links in the header
> * Details about how to give feedback, in the Status section
> * A link to a "process" page 
> <> 
> (which we should review and improve, on a separate thread)
> * inclusion of a "CredWeb Process Note" block on some of the award signals
> * renaming some of the example RDF properties for awards
> * Adding a "geographic focus country code" field, to highlight the 
> relevant country for an awards signal
> * Adding the RNG award as we discussed in the meeting
> Please take a look and let me know if you see any show-stopping 
> problems as soon as possible within the next 72 hours. Please hold 
> minor issues for the next cycle. Trivial errors can also be fixed 
> during this review period. Hopefully we can publish this as a draft CG 
> report for public comment on Monday.
> Also, next week (26 February) I'm thinking let's late a break from 
> Signals (while waiting for public feedback) and have that 
> presentation+discussion with Leonard Rosenthol of Adobe about the 
> Content Authenticity Initiative and related work.
> Thanks everyone,
>    -- Sandro

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