please review: "Reviewed Credibility Signals"

I've put together an internal-review draft. If folks are okay with it, 
we can publish it as a "Draft Community Group Report" this week or next, 
to start to get public feedback.

The text about each signal is being pulled from the google docs about 
those signals, so adding more signals or changing the text should be 
pretty easy.  I'm hoping we'll agree about one or more Journalism Awards 
this week and can add those as well before publication.

I've also written some code to generate CSV, Turtle, and JSON-LD 
versions of each example, to give a flavor of what it might look like at 
a data-interchange level.

Please let me know about any issues or suggestions at your earliest 
convenience, or at least by Wednesday's meeting (2pm ET). On the 
specific wording, edits to the underlying Google docs are welcome. 
(Those are *not* currently reflected into this version until I do a 
manual step.)

      -- Sandro

Received on Monday, 17 February 2020 20:14:58 UTC