Accessibility issues identified with TPAC 2019 payment interface

Dear Advisory Committee Representatives,
Chairs, AB, TAG,
and Community Groups who signed up to meet (bcc’ed),

We recently realized that the payment solution we adopted for TPAC
2019 is not accessible to all users. I am writing to let you know
before you register and to apologize for this oversight.

In planning for TPAC 2019 we identified these requirements for
registration related to payments:

 - Accept PayPal, card payments, and (for the first time) Alipay.
 - Leverage Payment Request API, currently a W3C candidate

Today only a small number of payment services providers satisfy these
requirements. We chose one and began to work with them. What we did not
realize is that a part of their solution is not accessible to all
users. Léonie Watson brought this to our attention. We immediately
reached out to the solution provider to identify a remedy.

Here is how we are addressing the situation:

 * To the people for whom the payment solution is not accessible, first
   we apologize.
   If your browser supports it, you can "Pay with W3C Payment Request".
   Otherwise please fill your registration form and once you will have
   reached the last step "Payment" please contact
   they will provide you an alternate payment link.

 * We are offering to work with the payment service provider to help
   them increase the accessibility of their hosted checkout pages.

 * If we do not make progress on that front, we will intend to find a
   different and accessible solution for TPAC 2020.

Please let us know of any challenges you face registering for TPAC.

Thank you,

Vivien Lacourba, Head of W3C Systems

Vivien Lacourba                      World Wide Web Consortium                   Tel: +

Received on Monday, 24 June 2019 08:22:24 UTC