The Factual & Nobias

In follow up to the CredWeb CG meeting today, the goals of The Factual 
and Nobias are now available in StratML format at &

 From my perspective, based upon the content of their plan, the latter 
would be more appropriately named Ourbiases.  Also, with reference to 
their second goal 
-- to give people power over the algorithms that shape what they read 
and see online -- they don't indicate how they plan to do that.

This Google site-specific query 
turns up about 42 plans referencing "credibility" among the >4,000 
currently in the StratML collection.

As I learn of others, I will convert them to StratML format as well.  
Please let me know if you have candidates for such treatment.

It seems to me that a StratML-enabled directory of such organizations 
might be a good output for the CG ... even if facilitating 
"interlocking" (a term used during the meeting today) standardization 
and collaboration among them may be beyond our capabilities.


Received on Wednesday, 18 December 2019 03:58:10 UTC