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    Hey everyone,

    First, I want to apologize for the long silence. In April, I
    circulated a survey
    <> for
    working in six subgroups, and response was good
    <>. As
    things turned out, however, I didn’t do the necessary follow-up.
    Worse, I didn’t post anything about any change of plans. I’m sorry
    if that caused you any difficulty.

    Going forward, I’m hoping a few people will volunteer to help me
    organize these activities. If you’d be up for this, please reply
    directly to me and let’s figure something out. Also, I’ve left the
    survey open so you can edit your previous response or fill it out
    now if you never did: it’s here

    On September 17th, at the next W3C TPAC
    <> meeting, we’re scheduled to hold
    a face-to-face meeting of this group. It’s in Japan, though, and
    only four group members have registered, along with 13 observers
    <>. I’ve
    decided not to make the trip, so we’ll need a volunteer who is there
    to set up and run the meeting with remote participation, or I think
    we should cancel. The meeting is at 10:30am Japan time
    which is probably okay for folks in Asia and the Americas, but quite
    difficult for Europe or Africa. Bottom line: if you’re going to be
    at TPAC and might be able to run things, please talk to me soon.

     From responses to the scheduling survey
    <>, it looks like Tuesdays
    and Thursdays 1pm US/Eastern would be good for nearly everybody. If
    that’s changed, or you didn’t fill out the survey before and you
    want your availability taken into account, please do so now. (If
    doodle won’t let you edit your old entry, because you didn’t log in,
    just add another entry with your name.)

    I’m thinking we’ll start having some subgroup meetings in 2-3 weeks,
    depending in part on responses to this post.

    Thanks, and talk to you all soon,

    — Sandro

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    - s

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