Extending deadline to Wednesday night

Given the steady flow of suggestions and improvements in recent days, 
I'd like to extend the deadline 48 hours to give people a chance to 
review these new changes.  This gives folks who still haven't read it 
yet a little more time, too.  In particularly, the definitions around 
Credibility were largely reworked last week.

Assuming no blocking issues pop up, I expect we'll publish as a Draft 
Community Group Report on Thursday (Oct 11).

Report draft versions remain at: https://credweb.org/report

Changelog is at the end, and a color-coded diff showing all the changes 
is at https://credweb.org/report/diff-since-20180930

I think the document is coming together quite nicely, due to help from 
many people, and I'm looking forward to circulating it more widely.

   -- Sandro

Received on Monday, 8 October 2018 20:10:07 UTC