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Rebase Community Group Launched

From: <public-council@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 01 Dec 2020 20:24:33 +0000
To: "Wayne Chang" <wyc@fastmail.fm>,"Juan Caballero" <juan.caballero@spruceid.com>,"Sam Curren" <telegramsam@gmail.com>,"Eric Drury" <eric@forthco.io>,"Victoria Woo" <vmw29@cornell.edu>,Cc: public-council@w3.org
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With your support, the Rebase Community Group has been launched:

This group was originally proposed on 2020-11-19
by Wayne Chang. The following people supported its
      Wayne Chang
      Juan Caballero
      Sam Curren
      Eric Drury
      Victoria Woo
To join the group, please use:

Please note that supporting a group is different from joining
a group. Supporters must also enroll if they wish to participate.

The goal of this community group is to establish reliable Public Key
Infrastructure on the Internet in a privacy-preserving way by allowing
people and organizations to link their various public and semi-public
accounts to cryptographic key materials at their own will.

Thank you,

W3C Community Development Team
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