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Vocabularies for big data analysis Community Group Launched

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Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2017 19:50:55 +0000
To: "Johan Delaure" <johan.delaure@gmail.com>,"Aad Versteden" <aad.versteden@gmail.com>,"Pieter Heyvaert" <pheyvaer.heyvaert@ugent.be>,"Erika Pauwels" <erika.pauwels@gmail.com>,"jonathan langens" <flowofcontrol@gmail.com>,Cc: public-council@w3.org
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With your support, the Vocabularies for big data analysis Community Group has been launched:

This group was originally proposed on 2017-10-18
by Johan Delaure. The following people supported its
      Johan Delaure
      Aad Versteden
      Pieter Heyvaert
      Erika Pauwels
      jonathan langens
To join the group, please use:

Please note that supporting a group is different from joining
a group. Supporters must also enroll if they wish to participate.

This group discusses semantic ontologies for the Big Data space.  It is
supported initially by the H2020 Big Data Europe project.  
The mission of this group is to cooperate, discuss and agree on semantic
vocabularies to support applications in the domain of big data
processing.  It is a conscious choice to initiate one forum to discuss
and agree on various new vocabularies and/or their amendments.  With
this one group we hope to reach a broader public.  The different
ontologies have a common aim: describe tools such that they can be
reused in semantic empowered applications for big data processing.  At
launch this will include ontologies for the Docker ecosystem and for
Har-files.  The former is used for setting up stacks in the Big Data
Europe project, the latter for analysing HTTP requests. 

Thank you,

W3C Community Development Team
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