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RDF and XML Interoperability Community Group Launched

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Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2016 11:23:50 +0000
To: "Christian Dirschl" <christian.dirschl@wolterskluwer.com>,"Felix Sasaki" <fsasaki@w3.org>,"Mohamed ZERGAOUI" <innovimax+w3c@gmail.com>,"Charles Foster" <charles@cfoster.net>,"Jose Emilio Labra Gayo" <labra@uniovi.es>,"Andreas Blumauer" <a.blumauer@semantic-web.at>,"Yuanzhe Yang" <yyz1989@hotmail.com>,"Thomas Thurner" <t.thurner@semantic-web.at>,"Timea Turdean" <t.turdean@semantic-web.at>,"Reul Quentin" <Quentin.H.Reul@gmail.com>,"Florent Georges" <fgeorges@fgeorges.org>,"Erika Pauwels" <erika.pauwels@tenforce.com>,"Rob Walpole" <robkwalpole@gmail.com>,Cc: public-council@w3.org
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With your support, the RDF and XML Interoperability Community Group has been launched:

This group was originally proposed on 2016-05-30
by Christian Dirschl. The following people supported its
      Christian Dirschl
      Felix Sasaki
      Mohamed ZERGAOUI
      Charles Foster
      Jose Emilio Labra Gayo
      Andreas Blumauer
      Yuanzhe Yang
      Thomas Thurner
      Timea Turdean
      Reul Quentin
      Florent Georges
      Erika Pauwels
      Rob Walpole
To join the group, please use:

Please note that supporting a group is different from joining
a group. Supporters must also enroll if they wish to participate.

The goal of this group is to 1) identify application areas in which the
combined processing of XML and RDF data and tooling is beneficial; 2)
identify issues that hinder the joint usage of the two technology stacks
3) formulate best practices to resolve the issues or propose
standardization topics. The goal does not only take into account the
data representation formats XML and RDF, but all related technologies
(e.g. for XML: XSLT, XQuery; for RDF: RDF Schema, SPARQL) and selected
XML (e.g. OData) or RDF vocabularies. The group should be driven by
needs of industries that already deploy one or both technology stacks.
This will also cover adjacent technologies like JSON with respect to the
topics covered in this group. The outcome should focus not on a big
architecture of how to work with XML and RDF, but on small building
blocks (as best practices or standardization topics) that can be re-used
across industries and application scenarios.

Thank you,

W3C Community Development Team
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