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Ubiquitous Application Design Community Group Launched

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Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2013 15:12:43 +0000
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To: "Dave Raggett" <dsr@w3.org>,"Vivian Genaro MOtti" <vivian.genaromotti@uclouvain.be>,"Javier Caminero" <fjcg@tid.es>,"Marco Manca" <marco.manca@isti.cnr.it>,"jeanloup comeliau" <jean-loup.comeliau@w4.eu>,"Giuseppe Ghiani" <giuseppe.ghiani@isti.cnr.it>,"Javier Rodrí­guez Escolar" <javier.rodriguez@fundacionctic.org>,"Joerg Rett" <joerg.rett@sap.com>,"Dr. Safdar Ali" <safdar.ali@sap.com>,Cc: public-council@w3.org
With your support, the Ubiquitous Application Design Community Group has been launched:

To join:

This group was originally proposed on 2013-06-26
by Dave Raggett. The following people supported its
      Dave Raggett
      Vivian Genaro MOtti
      Javier Caminero
      Marco Manca
      jeanloup comeliau
      Giuseppe Ghiani
      Javier Rodrí­guez Escolar
      Joerg Rett
      Dr. Safdar Ali
People are looking to use applications and services on a ubiquitous
range of devices. For developers, this raises the challenge of tailoring
the user experience according to the device and context in which it is
used. Application development teams involve a wide range of roles and
skills: business requirements, information systems, usability and
accessibility, graphical design and brand management, as well as the
expertise required for specific target platforms. This Community Group
seeks to bring together developers and researchers to explore and
promote techniques for context aware design that separates out different
aspects of design to speed development and reduce costs. We will do this
through gathering and discussing techniques, together with developing
open source demonstrators. 

Thank you,

W3C Community Development Team
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